Right up to my knowledge and practical experience, I am aware of how elaborate and delicate remedial measures are in this area. Restructuring may only be carried out by specialist companies with the separate approval of the relevant district government in the field of asbestos ASI (demolition, restoration and maintenance).

I have the expertise according to No. 2.7 and thus Annex 3 of TRGS 519 for asbestos.

Demolition, restoration and maintenance work, as well as the equipment specialist according to TRGS 519 for asbestos demolition, restoration and maintenance work No. 5.4.3, the expert according to TRGS 521 for demolition, renovation and maintenance work with old mineral wool, as well as the Specialist according to TRGS 558 Activities with high temperature wool.

The specialist companies must have permanent knowledge of two persons. The personnel who carry out the sanitation measures must undergo an annual reimbursement, as well as an occupational medical examination at the latest every three years. The first aid slip is also a compulsory part.

It is vital that the personal is sensitized to the pollutant "asbestos", as well as the procedure for the rehabilitation and the application of the personal protective equipment (PS respiratory protection + protective suit).

I developed the ARC concept to provide you with security and above all clarity.

My aim is to inform you about the pollutant, to advise you in the area of ​​the sanitation measures and to carry out a restoration and, above all, a proper sanitation procedure.

I am your contact and coordinator.

Enlightenment, counseling, local arrivals, grading the urgency of the sanitation, all die are my goals.

I am looking for you with a tailor made renovation plan, hole offers and compare you. In addition, I accompany the implementation of the measure up to the completion of all work.

Everything to the best of your knowledge and conscience and under constant communication with you. I would like to make the "unpleasant" as "pleasant" as possible.

I act according to your wishes and dirges and set your goals professionally.