I offer the following services:

  • Building drying after a water damage
  • Inspections before house purchase for private persons, real estate brokers, house administrations, landlords with the view of the points of view need, necessity, profitability of the rehabilitation and the area of the pollutant remediation(Asbestos, artificial mineral wool, etc.)
  • Moisture measurements in case of moisture in / on buildings
  • Leakage detection helps to find the possible damage after the occurrence of moisture in / on buildings
  • Project management in the field of planning and coordination for mold and water damage, as well as in the field of pollution control (asbestos, artificial mineral wool, etc.)
  • Recommendations for refurbishment in the area of "mold and water damage", as well as in the area of pollutant remediation (asbestos, artificial mineral fibers, etc.)
  • Mold removal in the area of "mold fungus" as a certified specialist
  • Training in Asbestos ASI Work to raise awareness among skilled workers
  • Services for architects and engineers in the areas of: preparations, tenders, construction site visits, documentation and much more
  • Certifications in the area of the subject matter according to TRGS 519 No. 2.7, according to Annex 3 + TRGS 519 Annex 4c